Forest Rug Free Crochet Pattern

This tapestry crochet rug, made with cotton cord, may be the perfect addition to your rustic bedroom, cabin-style living room or any other space that needs some nature-inspired warming floor decoration.

forest rug crochet pattern

I designed this pattern during summer, that we spent in an over 100 years old cottage in a small village in the middle of the forest in northern Poland. However, I think that thanks to its minimalistic look it will fit great in modern interiors as well!

To crochet this rug I used 3 mm cotton cord by Lovely Cottons, that is perfect for rugs, because of its durability, wide range of colors and springiness, that you can feel under your feet! What was also important to me is that you can buy it in 1000 m spools, which is helpful in large projects like this, because you have less ends to weave in. Colors I used were pale green and beige. However I do think it might look fantastic in dark green, also adding red or gold would make it a perfect Chritmas rug, don’t you agree?

The Forest Rug has simple drawings of different coniferous trees, that kids might like in their room. A little uneven edges give it a rustic look to fit in a cottage/cabin, however its simple form corresponds with modern interiors very well, all year round.

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This pattern comes in one size, about 185 x 185 cm / 73” x 73”. Decorate your floor, but first you will have to crochet for several dozen hours (it took me nearly 30)- depending on your experience and skills. But the final result and satisfaction is worth it!

However, if you like it, but feel intimidated by the size and amount of work required, I encourage you to try any other design from my Forest Collection.

forest collection 4 crochet patterns

The collection includes:

mini forest rug

Mini Forest Rug, that you can use as a doormat, floormat or kids’ room decoration, AND you can complete it very quickly! (Might be nice introduction to making this BIG Forest Rug, huh?). Available on Etsy HERE, on LoveCrafts HERE. Add to Ravelry queue HERE. Pin it for later HERE.

Forest Potholder – also very small, stash busting project, pretty and practical to use in you kitchen. Available on Etsy HERE, on LoveCrafts HERE. Add to Ravelry queue HERE. Pin it for later HERE.

And Forest Pillow, with each side different to quickly change the look of your living room/bedroom. Available on Etsy HERE, on LoveCrafts HERE. Add to Ravelry queue HERE. Pin it for later HERE.

All are available both as pattern bundle and separate patterns. There’s a row by row stitch count and chart included in each of the patterns.


color A – sage green: 3000 m/3300 yds

color B – beige: 400 m/440 yds

  • Size J-10 (6 mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors

Gauge: 10scx10rows = 12x12cm/4,5×4,5”

Finished Size: approx. 73” x 73”/185 cm x 185 cm

crcochet rug pattern

Abbreviations (in US terms):

ch – chain

RS – right side

sc – single crochet

WS – wrong side

yo – yarn over


  • Rug is worked back and forth in rows, using single crochet stitches. Each row counts 155sc, at the end of each row ch1, turn* and proceed with the next row.

*”turn” – if you can. When the carpet becomes too big and too heavy you may just sit on the other side of the row you’re currently working on, without the need of turning the whole carpet.

  • This pattern uses tapestry crochet, there’s a graph and written pattern for reference.
  • Tapestry crochet technique requires working with two strands of cord at a time and allows changing colors when needed:
tapestry crochet rug

Crochet over the color that is not is use to hide it. 

When next sc is marked as a different color on the graph or written pattern, make the last yo of current sc with new color and continue with new color, crocheting over previous color.

How to read written pattern

→ Row 34 [WS]: A14, B11, A10

• Arrow indicates direction of row. 

• Letter indicates which color of cord to use. 

• Number indicates how many sc of each color to work. Therefore, for this example, you’ll work 14sc in color A, 11 sc in color B and 10 sc in color A. Then ch1, turn your work and proceed with Row 35.

cotton cord rug


Using color A, ch156.

You can join color color B in Row 1 and crochet over it to hide it until it shows up in Row 8, or wait with joining it until Row 8 (see the note in Row 49).

← Row 1 [RS]: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across. (then ch1, turn – here and throughout)

     Rows 2-7: A155 (155 sc here and throughout)

→ Row 8 [WS]: A56, B3, A96 

← Row 9 [RS]: A97, B, A57 

→ Row 10 [WS]: A57, B, A36, B5, A56 

← Row 11 [RS]: A56, B5, A36, B, A36, B2, A19 

→ Row 12 [WS]: A19, B2, A36, B, A36, B5, A56 

← Row 13 [RS]: A56, B5, A36, B, A36, B2, A19 

→ Row 14 [WS]: A9, B24, A24, B, A36, B5, A38, B, A17 

← Row 15 [RS]: A17, B, A20, B9, A9, B21, A20, B, A25, B23, A9 

→ Row 16 [WS]: A10, B22, A25, B, A21, B17, A, B19, A21, B, A7, B, A9 

← Row 17 [RS]: A9, B2, A6, B, A23, B17, A, B16, A22, B, A26, B20, A11 

→ Row 18 [WS]: A12, B17, A28, B, A23, B15, A, B16, A13, B, A10, B, A2, B, A3, B, A10 

← Row 19 [RS]: A10, B2, A2, B, A2, B, A8, B, A, B, A14, B15, A, B15, A23, B2, A27, B16, A13 

→ Row 20 [WS]: A14, B13, A29, B2, A24, B14, A, B15, A14, B2, A5, B, A3, B7, A11 

← Row 21 [RS]: A17, B10, A17, B13, A2, B, A, B12, A24, B, A33, B8, A16 

→ Row 22 [WS]: A10, B20, A27, B, A25, B8, A4, B, A3, B11, A27, B, A7, B, A9 

← Row 23 [RS]: A9, B, A7, B, A7, B, A19, B10, A4, B3, A4, B6, A25, B, A28, B19, A10 

→ Row 24 [WS]: A11, B17, A29, B, A26, B3, A5, B4, A, B, A3, B8, A20, B, A7, B, A6, B2, A9 

← Row 25 [RS]: A10, B2, A, B, A3, B, A, B, A2, B4, A21, B7, A2, B2, A, B6, A5, B, A24, B3, A30, B15, A12 

→ Row 26 [WS]: A13, B12, A32, B, A, B2, A23, B2, A, B9, A, B3, A4, B3, A25, B11, A12 

← Row 27 [RS]: A16, B2, A31, B2, A2, B5, A, B11, A23, B2, A2, B, A33, B10, A14 

→ Row 28 [WS]: A16, B7, A34, B, A28, B10, A, B6, A, B2, A32, B, A16 

← Row 29 [RS]: A9, B2, A5, B, A8, B, A24, B8, A, B10, A28, B5, A31, B5, A17 

→ Row 30 [WS]: A19, B8, A30, B, A29, B9, A, B7, A25, B3, A6, B, A, B, A3, B, A10 

← Row 31 [RS]: A10, B2, A2, B, A, B, A2, B, A, B3, A28, B6, A, B9, A29, B, A32, B13, A12 

→ Row 32 [WS]: A13, B11, A33, B, A5, B2, A22, B8, A2, B6, A30, B11, A11 

← Row 33 [RS]: A16, B, A36, B4, A5, B6, A23, B4, A2, B, A33, B10, A14 

→ Row 34 [WS]: A15, B8, A25, B4, A5, B, A, B2, A27, B3, A3, B2, A3, B3, A36, B, A16 

← Row 35 [RS]: A9, B3, A4, B, A7, B2, A28, B, A2, B, A2, B2, A2, B3, A28, B, A, B, A4, B2, A29, B6, A16 

→ Row 36 [WS]: A17, B5, A30, B2, A3, B2, A4, B, A25, B, A2, B3, A, B2, A, B2, A29, B3, A5, B, A2, B3, A11 

← Row 37 [RS]: A13, B9, A33, B4, A, B6, A25, B3, A2, B2, A, B3, A32, B3, A18 

→ Row 38 [WS]: A18, B7, A27, B, A2, B3, A2, B2, A28, B5, A, B4, A38, B, A4, B, A11 

← Row 39 [RS]: A11, B, A4, B, A39, B3, A, B5, A29, B2, A, B, A2, B3, A28, B10, A14 

→ Row 40 [WS]: A15, B8, A25, B3, A3, B, A2, B3, A30, B5, A, B3, A33, B2, A4, B6, A11 

← Row 41 [RS]: A16, B7, A33, B3, A, B4, A27, B2, A4, B4, A, B3, A27, B7, A16 

→ Row 42 [WS]: A16, B5, A31, B2, A2, B, A3, B3, A28, B4, A, B3, A39, B, A16 

← Row 43 [RS]: A16, B, A40, B2, A, B3, A31, B2, A2, B, A2, B, A32, B4, A17 

→ Row 44 [WS]: A18, B2, A34, B3, A, B2, A32, B3, A, B2, A35, B, A4, B, A3, B, A12 

← Row 45 [RS]: A12, B, A3, B2, A, B, A, B, A36, B, A, B2, A34, B4, A35, B2, A18 

→ Row 46 [WS]: A55, B3, A35, B2, A, B, A36, B10, A12 

← Row 47 [RS]: A17, B, A40, B, A, B2, A37, B, A55 

→ Row 48 [WS]: A94, B3, A40, B, A17 

← Row 49 [RS]: A59, B, A95 (After this row you can cut color B if you want, and work Rows 50-66 with single cord – color A. That’s how I did, this way you will work faster and use less cord. The rug will be slightly thinner in these rows, but to me it is unrecognizable.)

     Rows 50-66: A155 

← Row 67 [RS]: A94, B2, A59 (join color B, if cut after Row 49)

→ Row 68 [WS]: A59, B2, A30, B10, A30, B2, A22 

← Row 69 [RS]: A22, B2, A31, B9, A30, B2, A37, B2, A20 

→ Row 70 [WS]: A20, B2, A37, B2, A31, B7, A32, B2, A22 

← Row 71 [RS]: A12, B19, A25, B5, A33, B2, A37, B2, A20 

→ Row 72 [WS]: A20, B2, A37, B2, A33, B5, A32, B2, A22 

← Row 73 [RS]: A22, B2, A26, B, A5, B5, A33, B2, A29, B2, A6, B2, A6, B2, A12 

→ Row 74 [WS]: A13, B3, A4, B2, A5, B2, A22, B21, A14, B, A7, B9, A, B, A26, B2, A22 

← Row 75 [RS]: A15, B16, A19, B3, A3, B5, A7, B, A14, B5, A6, B2, A6, B2, A23, B2, A4, B2, A2, B3, A15 

→ Row 76 [WS]: A17, B9, A26, B2, A5, B2, A5, B2, A, B2, A15, B, A3, B, A3, B5, A5, B, A26, B2, A22 

← Row 77 [RS]: A22, B2, A26, B, A5, B5, A3, B, A2, B2, A16, B2, A, B2, A4, B2, A5, B, A23, B2, A6, B3, A19 

→ Row 78 [WS]: A20, B2, A5, B2, A24, B2, A4, B2, A2, B2, A, B3, A16, B, A2, B11, A6, B, A25, B2, A22 

← Row 79 [RS]: A14, B10, A25, B, A6, B5, A9, B, A17, B2, A, B, A2, B2, A4, B, A26, B2, A4, B2, A4, B2, A14 

→ Row 80 [WS]: A15, B, A4, B2, A3, B2, A27, B, A4, B2, A, B, A2, B, A18, B, A9, B4, A7, B, A24, B3, A22 

← Row 81 [RS]: A22, B9, A17, B2, A7, B4, A10, B, A18, B, A2, B3, A4, B, A29, B5, A3, B2, A15 

→ Row 82 [WS]: A16, B2, A2, B2, A33, B, A2, B2, A4, B, A29, B4, A8, B, A24, B8, A16 

← Row 83 [RS]: A22, B2, A24, B, A8, B4, A29, B2, A3, B2, A2, B, A24, B3, A6, B5, A17 

→ Row 84 [WS]: A20, B2, A4, B3, A26, B, A2, B2, A3, B, A23, B2, A5, B4, A2, B, A5, B, A24, B2, A22 

← Row 85 [RS]: A16, B14, A24, B, A3, B3, A6, B, A23, B, A3, B2, A2, B, A28, B2, A3, B2, A7, B, A12 

→ Row 86 [WS]: A12, B, A7, B, A2, B2, A30, B2, A, B2, A2, B, A22, B5, A4, B3, A3, B, A30, B2, A22 

← Row 87 [RS]: A22, B2, A26, B11, A2, B2, A4, B2, A21, B, A2, B5, A32, B, A, B, A5, B2, A13 

→ Row 88 [WS]: A14, B3, A3, B3, A32, B, A, B2, A2, B2, A20, B2, A8, B4, A7, B, A21, B11, A18 

← Row 89 [RS]: A22, B2, A26, B, A7, B4, A31, B, A2, B, A2, B, A34, B, A2, B2, A16 

→ Row 90 [WS]: A17, B2, A, B, A6, B, A27, B, A2, B, A, B2, A32, B3, A34, B2, A22 

← Row 91 [RS]: A20, B8, A25, B, A4, B3, A33, B, A, B, A, B, A29, B, A5, B3, A3, B2, A13 

→ Row 92 [WS]: A14, B3, A2, B2, A2, B3, A30, B, A, B, A, B, A24, B2, A2, B, A4, B3, A3, B2, A29, B, A23 

← Row 93 [RS]: A23, B, A26, B, A3, B, A3, B3, A3, B2, A, B2, A25, B5, A32, B, A2, B, A2, B2, A16 

→ Row 94 [WS]: A17, B2, A, B4, A33, B3, A27, B, A2, B, A3, B3, A3, B, A3, B, A23, B7, A20 

← Row 95 [RS]: A23, B, A26, B2, A2, B, A4, B2, A2, B5, A27, B3, A35, B2, A, B, A18 

→ Row 96 [WS]: A19, B2, A36, B2, A26, B3, A3, B2, A, B2, A3, B5, A25, B5, A21 

← Row 97 [RS]: A23, B, A27, B2, A2, B7, A7, B, A26, B2, A36, B, A20 

→ Row 98 [WS]: A94, B2, A7, B3, A49 

← Row 99 [RS]: A59, B, A95 (After this row you can cut color B if you want, and work Rows 100-116 with single cord – color A.)

     Rows 100-116: A155 

← Row 117 [RS]: A22, B, A34, B3, A95 (join color B, if cut after Row 99)

→ Row 118 [WS]: A18, B2, A37, B3, A35, B2, A35, B, A22 

← Row 119 [RS]: A22, B, A35, B2, A35, B3, A37, B2, A18 

→ Row 120 [WS]: A18, B2, A37, B3, A35, B2, A35, B5, A18 

← Row 121 [RS]: A17, B2, A3, B, A35, B2, A35, B3, A37, B2, A18 

→ Row 122 [WS]: A18, B2, A37, B3, A35, B2, A29, B, A5, B, A4, B, A17 

← Row 123 [RS]: A14, B4, A4, B, A4, B2, A24, B7, A30, B20, A14, B21, A10 

→ Row 124 [WS]: A18, B2, A27, B25, A20, B5, A4, B2, A23, B7, A5, B2, A15 

← Row 125 [RS]: A16, B, A5, B, A5, B, A, B2, A20, B, A5, B, A3, B2, A20, B23, A18, B2, A8, B2, A18 

→ Row 126 [WS]: A16, B13, A20, B21, A20, B, A5, B, A6, B, A20, B2, A6, B2, A4, B, A16 

← Row 127 [RS]: A16, B, A2, B2, A, B, A3, B5, A18, B2, A7, B, A5, B, A21, B19, A30, B2, A2, B6, A10 

→ Row 128 [WS]: A18, B2, A31, B16, A29, B2, A7, B, A19, B, A6, B, A2, B, A2, B2, A15 

← Row 129 [RS]: A18, B, A3, B, A6, B2, A18, B, A7, B, A31, B15, A31, B2, A18 

→ Row 130 [WS]: A16, B12, A24, B12, A29, B8, A23, B, A5, B3, A3, B4, A15 

← Row 131 [RS]: A15, B, A2, B, A3, B, A2, B, A26, B3, A2, B, A4, B2, A28, B10, A33, B2, A, B6, A11 

→ Row 132 [WS]: A18, B2, A33, B9, A29, B, A5, B, A4, B2, A23, B3, A2, B, A3, B, A2, B2, A14 

← Row 133 [RS]: A17, B2, A2, B2, A3, B4, A21, B, A5, B, A6, B, A29, B15, A26, B2, A18 

→ Row 134 [WS]: A12, B15, A21, B22, A27, B, A5, B2, A20, B, A2, B, A3, B2, A3, B, A17 

← Row 135 [RS]: A19, B2, A, B, A3, B, A2, B, A20, B, A3, B6, A27, B19, A29, B2, A18 

→ Row 136 [WS]: A18, B2, A31, B14, A27, B3, A2, B, A2, B2, A22, B2, A6, B, A2, B, A19 

← Row 137 [RS]: A19, B, A2, B, A29, B2, A4, B, A3, B2, A28, B11, A27, B12, A13 

→ Row 138 [WS]: A18, B2, A33, B8, A30, B, A4, B, A5, B, A29, B, A2, B2, A18 

← Row 139 [RS]: A18, B, A2, B2, A6, B, A22, B, A5, B, A31, B17, A28, B2, A18 

→ Row 140 [WS]: A15, B10, A24, B15, A31, B4, A26, B2, A2, B6, A, B, A18 

← Row 141 [RS]: A15, B4, A, B, A, B, A2, B2, A, B, A26, B2, A, B3, A31, B13, A30, B2, A18 

→ Row 142 [WS]: A16, B7, A28, B11, A32, B, A, B, A2, B, A27, B2, A3, B, A, B, A, B, A2, B, A15 

← Row 143 [RS]: A15, B, A2, B, A3, B2, A3, B, A30, B, A35, B10, A31, B2, A18 

→ Row 144 [WS]: A18, B2, A32, B8, A36, B2, A27, B3, A2, B3, A3, B, A2, B, A15 

← Row 145 [RS]: A17, B, A2, B3, A, B2, A32, B, A36, B7, A32, B4, A17 

→ Row 146 [WS]: A18, B2, A33, B6, A36, B3, A31, B, A2, B, A, B, A20 

← Row 147 [RS]: A20, B, A, B, A2, B, A32, B, A38, B4, A34, B2, A18 

→ Row 148 [WS]: A18, B, A35, B4, A38, B, A35, B, A22 

← Row 149 [RS]: A22, B, A35, B, A39, B2, A36, B, A18 

→ Row 150 [WS]: A18, B, A36, B2, A75, B, A22 

← Row 151 [RS]: A22, B, A75, B, A56 

→ Row 152 [WS]: A132, B, A22 (After this row you can cut color B if you want, and work until the last Row with single cord – color A.)

     Rows 153-160: A155 

crochet carpet pattern

Next: Fasten off. Cut the cord. Weave in all ends.

forest rug free crochet pattern

If the rug curls up a little in the corners, moisten them and put something heavy on it for some time. It should lay flat after that.

Now I can tell you: tapestry crochet is a great technique, where in fact there’s no wrong side. You can use any side you like.

PS This pattern was originally published on Joy of Motion crochet blog, you can still find it HERE.

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