My name is Maria. I live in Stare Bielany, the green disctrict of Warsaw, Poland, Europe, planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way galaxy to be precise, with my husband, where we raise our 5 children.

I’ve learned to crochet when I was a geography student and dreamed of becoming a guidebook translator.

Many years later (when some guidebooks were already published) I realised that what truly fills my heart is… crochet and I want my „career” to turn that lane.

Being a geographer I decided I want to crochet maps, as accurate as possible, also feeling confident I am able to do it. The idea to bring maps into my interior was quite obvious to me, as I’ve already been decorating my walls with old maps my grandfather brought home from his journeys. He worked for many years as an electrician on ships. One day I just plunged into a box with his maps, hidden on the attic, took out and framed many of them and admire daily.

While crocheting a map I feel like I travel all those bays and mountain ranges, both of places I’ve been to and those I dream to go one day.

Instagram was a place I met many amazing crocheters from all over the world, who started asking for my map patterns. I was inspired by Jess (Make and Do Crew) to finally write down and publish them. Since then I wrote dozens of crochet patterns. I won Katia Designers Awards 5 with my World Map Cushion. My Parzenica Folk Rug was featured in Simply Crochet Magazine, issue 117. For WeCrochet I designed Woodland Whimsy Curtain. Finally, in cooperation with great new Polish yarn brand Gabo Wool I wrote my first pattern in Polish (!) that is available as Parzenica Pillow crochet kit. (So far they operate only in Poland, but stay tuned! If you’re in Poland: use promo code PUKAPUKA10 in their shop).

However, I love all things crochet, my patterns are not only maps, inspiration is everywhere. So if you like travels, nature, folk art or just playing with yarn, if you want you home to be a beatiful, unique, cozy, safe place, filled with crochet art – I’m here for you! Thank you so much for visiting my site and supporting my tiny family business!

More patterns coming soon! I definitely have more ideas than time!

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