Chocolate Stitch FREE Crochet Pattern

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The question is: do you like chocolate?

I do!

Some years ago a friend from New Zealand gave me a Whittaker’s chocolate bar. I was very happy, immidately tore off the paper wrapper, crumpled it and threw away. And we ate the chocolate (of course). But suddenly I realised, that a New Zealand chocolate is a rare specialty I should treasure, so I took the wrpapper out of the trash can, stretched it, framed it and hang on my kitchen wall!

chcolate stitch crochet blanket

Since then each time any of my friends or relations visits New Zealand, sends me Whittaker’s chocolate bars. Now I have about 15 chocolate wrappers framed on my kitchen walls!

I also like to crochet, so one day I decided to combine the two and make a… crochet chocolate.

This „chocolate stitch” is just a simple combination of front post double crochet, back post double crochet and single crochet stitches.

It creates a nice texture, that you can use on bigger surface to make dish clothes, hot pads, pillows or even throws! How about a chocolate jumper, too? Just repeat stitch sequence as many times as you need to obtain desired size.

front post double crochet stitch

Also, if you need a big, Chunky Chocolate Throw right away, there’s one I designed in a slightly different way, but still with chocolate in mind.

You can find ad-free, printable pdf pattern on Etsy HERE.

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I leave it to you for inspiration, please share anything you make using this chocolate crochet stitch, by tagging me @pukapukapl on Instagram or @pukapukapl on Facebook!

Note: To make the chocolate square I used scraps of sport weight yarn and 3 mm hook. But once you get the idea of the stitch, you can treat it as a base to work with any other yarn you love or suits your idea (and matching hook, of course) for a great crochet project!

Instructions given will allow you to make a 10x10cm/4″x4″ square, which might be just your gauge swatch, but also a nice addition to any granny square project made of same size squares.

Are you ready for a sweet treat?

Here we go!

  • textured crochet stitch
  • chacolate bar crochet


  • Any sport weight yarn in brown (I used Drops Safran, 100% cotton, 1.8 oz/50 g = approx 175 yds/160 m)
  • A 3 mm (US C/2 or D/3 hook)


Square measures 10x10cm (4″x4″)

Abbreviations (in US terms):

bpdc – back post double crochet*

ch – chain

fpdc – front post double crochet*

rep – repeat

sc – single crochet

sk – skip

sl st – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)

*For bpdc and fpdc explanation please visit my South America Granny Square Pattern blog post, HERE.


Square is worked in rows, from the bottom. Read all RS rows from right to left and WS rows from left to right. 


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Row 1 (RS) Sc in second ch from hook and each ch across, turn. (21 sts)

Row 2 (WS) Ch1 (does not count as st throughout), sc across, turn.

Row 3 (RS) Ch1, sc, (4fpdc into sts 2 rows below, sc) 4 times, turn.

Row 4 (WS) Ch1, sc across, turn.

Row 5 (RS) As Row 3.

Row 6 (WS) As Row 4.

Row 7 (RS) As Row 3.

Row 8 (WS) As Row 4.

Row 9 (RS) Ch1, sc across.

Row 10 (WS) Ch1, sc, (4bpdc, sc) 4 times, turn.

Row 11 (RS) As Row 4.

Row 12 (WS) As Row 10.

Row 13 (RS) As Row 4.

Row 14 (WS) As Row 10.

Row 15 (RS) As Row 4.

Row 16 (WS) As Row 4.

Row 17 (RS) As Row 3.

Row 18 (WS) As Row 4.

Row 19 (RS) As Row 3.

Row 20 (WS) As Row 4.

Row 21 (RS) As Row 3.

Row 22 (WS) As Row 4.

Turn and work around edges as follows: (19 sc, 3 sc in corner) 4 times, sl st to first st.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

If you are interested in something more impressive and chunky, have a look at my Chunky Chocolate Throw. The idea is similar, but stitch combination slightly different.

Pattern is available on Etsy HERE.

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