Ukraine Map FREE Crochet Pattern

My posts rarely (never?) refer to current situation. This time is different. Whatever you think or know about the war in Ukraine, one thing is sure: today in Poland, Ukraine’s neighbouring country, we have nearly 2 million refugees. Think of it.

I know many of you feel helpless in this situation, especially when you live far away from here. Not everyone can come and help on the ground (but there ARE such people, volunteers from all over Europe or even Brazil!), but what you CAN do is open your hearts and homes to those who will continue their journey from Poland to find a safe place to live without fear. Some of you are willing to donate to organisations and people you trust. On my Instargam profile in highlights „Ukraine” find a few resources.

map of ukraine

Here in Poland we’re doing our best to help, but you can imagine, that’s an enormous task.

As a crocheting geographer I designed a map square of Ukraine in their national colours. This one is like many I designed before. You can transform it to whatever you wish, I’ll give you a few examples below. When you make it, please share it in your social media, tag me @pukapukapl on Facebook or Instagram, spread the word. The war has to stop.

This particular pattern is free. However, this post is full of links to my Etsy shop because I decided that my March income from Etsy will go directly to help refugees in Poland. Needs are endless and will grow. Please, consider if you want to participate in it this way.

urkraine crochet pattern

Before you make the square you can decide what you want it to become. You can turn it into a POTHOLDER, just add another square and join them both, making a loop in one of the corners. For detailed instructions I invite you to purchase one of my numerous potholder patterns:

Mediterranean Potholders Collection: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal

Continent Potholders in Montessori Colors

If you rather want a wall hanging, here are a few examples of WALL HANGINGS I make of my map squares. When you purchase one of these patterns, you will know how to turn your Ukraine square into this.

Mini Continents Catchers Montessori Collection

Or, you can also include Ukraine in a MAP BUNTING. How about that?

crochet geography garland

If you wish, you can make a quiet book out of my squares or sqaures of your invention. How to make a quiet book? See my CROCHET WORLD ATLAS pattern.

Also, make more squares and join them in a patchwork blanket. Or add some blue rows and columns and turn into a bigger square to make a PILLOW COVER. I’m sure you will find lots of ways to use it. Please, do.



-US D-3 (3 mm) crochet hook


-Tapestry needle

-Yarn: Drops Safran (yarn A) and Drops Loves You 7 (yarn B) by Drops Design, (100% cotton, 5 ply/sport, 1 skein has 160 m/175 yds  in 50 g/1.8 oz), you will need less than 1 skein of each color.

yarn A: petrol 51

yarn B:  yellow 09,



10 cm/4”=23 sc x 23 rows

Finished Size

approx. 18×18 cm/7”x7”

Abbreviations (in US terms)

ch – chain

rep – repeat

RS – right side

sc – single crochet

st – stitch/es

WS – wrong side

yo – yarn over


  • Square is worked down top in rows. Each row counts 40 sc. End each row with ch1, that does not count as a stitch, then turn your work and proceed with the next row.
  • Use written pattern or chart, that show number of stitches in each color.

How to read written pattern

← Row 7 [RS]: A15, B12, A9 

  • Arrow indicates direction of row.
  • RS means you work on the right side.
  • Letter indicates which color of yarn to use.
  • Number indicates how many sc of each color to work. Therefore, for this example, you’ll work 15sc in color A, 12sc in color B, 9sc in color A. Then ch1, turn your work and proceed with Row 8.

If you prefer, use chart, each square represents 1sc.

Changing colors

  • General rule is: When next sc is marked as a different color on the chart or written pattern, make the last yo of current sc with new color and continue with new color, leaving previous color on the WS.
  • I suggest using the intarsia technique: start a new length of yarn for each new change of color. You can then pick up and drop the yarns as required, keeping all yarn ends on the WS.
  • In places where color changes more times in a row, I suggest using Fair Isle technique: do not start a new length of yarn for a short color change, instead keep the unused color on the WS and pick it, when that color appears again.

Here you can find help with crochet colorwork:

Written pattern

With yarn A, ch41.

← Row 1 [RS]:1sc in 2nd ch from hook; sc across, (ch1, turn. 40sc: here and throughout)

Rows 2-8: A40

← Row 9 [RS]: A14, B1, A25

→ Row 10 [WS]: A25, B2, A13

← Row 11 [RS]: A9, B6, A25

→ Row 12 [WS]: A15, B2, A6, B5, A2, B1, A9

← Row 13 [RS]: A13, B2, A7, B3, A15

→ Row 14 [WS]: A15, B4, A3, B4, A14

← Row 15 [RS]: A12, B7, A2, B2, A17

→ Row 16 [WS]: A17, B13, A10

← Row 17 [RS]: A6, B18, A16

→ Row 18 [WS]: A16, B19, A5

← Row 19 [RS]: A4, B20, A8, B1, A7

→ Row 20 [WS]: A3, B7, A5, B23, A2

← Row 21 [RS]: A2, B25, A1, B11, A1

→ Row 22 [WS]: A1, B37, A2

← Row 23 [RS]: A1, B37, A2

→ Row 24 [WS]: A2, B36, A2

← Row 25 [RS]: A2, B36, A2

→ Row 26 [WS]: A3, B31, A1, B1, A4

← Row 27 [RS]: A6, B2, A1, B27, A4

→ Row 28 [WS]: A5, B24, A11

← Row 29 [RS]: A11, B24, A5

→ Row 30 [WS]: A5, B23, A12

← Row 31 [RS]: A14, B7, A1, B1, A1, B12, A4

→ Row 32 [WS]: A6, B6, A7, B8, A13

← Row 33 [RS]: A14, B6, A20

→ Row 34 [WS]: A23, B3, A14

Rows 35-42: A40

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Ukraine map free crochet

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